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Boarding at 十大彩票平台

Buffalo Seminary School Campus

Imagine attending a school that reflects the diversity, energy, and traditions of Western New York and at the same time welcomes students from a wide variety of places within the United States and the world. Imagine contributing to a school that is small enough, diverse enough, and ambitious enough to change your life.十大彩票平台’s program provides an outstanding educational experience for our boarding students, who live together in a beautiful community and neighborhood adjacent to the school. Our boarding students have the opportunity to experience the deep and enduring friendships with peers and mentorship with teachers that define boarding school education at its best. A 十大彩票平台 boarding experience prepares our students for the independence and responsibility of undergraduate life.

At the same time, 十大彩票平台’s boarding program brilliantly blends with the culture of a deeply respected day school. All students learn from one another: all students find inspiration, direction, and friendship from their work on campus together; all students benefit from the diversity, the perspectives, the traditions, the experiences of a national and global community.

The boarding program honors the school’s historic commitment to a culture of belonging, humanity, and kindness that enables every student to thrive and grow. The program enables the school to make the very spirit and idea of global education and citizenship a reality.

We invite girls from across the region, the country, and the world to enjoy a rich and rewarding experience as a boarding student at Buffalo Seminary in either our 5- or 7-day boarding program.

Buffalo Seminary Boarding Students


A Day in the Life of a 十大彩票平台 Student



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